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Sun F

Sun F Flat Film is the alternative choice to collagen. The smokeable fibrous films have a high tear strength, even when wet, and an exceptional machinability. Products can be easily peeled without any residuals and no cross species issues occurring.


This 5-layer casing has excellent barrier properties and caliber control. It is used for all kinds of water-cooked sausage, hams, and cheese.


A specially developed casing that has a very high mechanical strength and is therefore absolutely caliber-faithful. It is suitable for all types of water-cooked sausage and cooked ham. This product can be easily run on all common industrial machines.


A smoke-permeable plastic casing. It transfers the smoke color to the sausage by the usual smoking procedure. Likewise, the smoke flavor transfers. The durability is thereby extended.

Sun V Dry Age

Sun V Dry Age Bags are the safe and simple way to age meat and increase the value in one step. The naturally achieved tenderness enhances the mouthwatering visual appeal of the meat. All in all the meat quality is lifted to a higher level - the value is increased.

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