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With Sun Flavor CAS casings you can add taste and color to your products. The use increases
production safety; additional repacking or putting color on the product afterwards is history. Products in Sun Flavor CAS casings can be stored very long, without weight and aroma loss.

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  • Cooked products

  • Cooked hams and cooked ham products

  • Poultry products

  • Processed cheese

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  • Ready to stuff

  • Dry stuffing, no soaking

  • Overstuffing ratio 6 % - 10 %

Sun Flavor X200 - 43.jpg


  • Casings – on reels, shirred tubes or cut pieces

  • FW 42.5 mm up to FW 400 mm

  • Highly shrinkable or non-shrink (D-shape)

  • Clear or in standard colors

  • Various marinades

Sun Flavor X200 - 40.jpg


  • Easy to handle and manage

  • Production safety

  • No weight loss, no aroma loss

  • Longer shelf life

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