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Edible color transfers to your product during processing

Sun Caramel.JPG

Sun Caramel

It's more than a casing!

Sun Caramel CAS is the solution to produce a caramel product without all the hassles. Natural looking products can be easily produced. The finished goods have a long shelf life. The caramel color is not bleeding in, and muddy liquid in the package is history.

Sun Color CAS Kopie.jpg

Sun Color

The high-barrier casing with color transfer

The first high-barrier casing with an edible color printed on the inner layer, which transfers on the product during processing.

Sun Color Aalrauch_20092005_0094.JPG

Sun Color F

Replacement of collagen, carageenan and cello flat films with color transfer on the inner layer

Make your life easier with the smokeable, prestuck fibrous film with a special easy-peel coating and color transfer print on the inside.

Sun Color F-NW.JPG

Sun Color F-NW

The permeable color transfer casing

The first smokeable casing with an edible color transfer print on the inner layer, which can be used on a double-clipping machine

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