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Technology which coats spices on a carrier material

Sun Gourmet_069.JPG

Sun Flavor Gourmet

Sun Flavor Gourmet is the first spice coated casing, which is available in shirred strands for highest production efficiency. This new application is available as high barrier casings as well as permeable casings to meet the specific request and conditions of our customers and their products.

Sun Spice_20100805_108.JPG

Sun Spice CAS

Sun Spice CAS casings are the first high barrier casings with spice coating inside. A long shelf life of the stuffed products allows an unbelievably high production flexibility for the producer.

Sun Spice FS divers_9776.JPG

 Sun Spice V & FS

Sun Spice V and Sun Spice FS, smokeable spice flat films and spice casings, are easy to handle and manage. They increase the production safety and make a uniform production possible. Sun Spice V is available as tape sealed casing.

Sun Spice.JPG

Sun Spice RS

Sun Spice RS casings are a safe and easy way to produce salami and semi-dry sausages with a spice rind. Forget about additional spice coating. Production without gelatin is no longer a problem. The spice rind is even and doesn't fall off during handling and slicing.

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