Explore SUN SMOKE CAS, the impregnated high barrier casing with a smokehouse inside. Raise your productivity and reduce your smoke house hours. With SUN SMOKE CAS it's easy to smoke your products the healthy and environmentally friendly way. With our newest development, flat films for TSA or TSCA equipment, you will achieve higher flexibility. Products can be stored and shipped in the casing; repacking is not necessary anymore.


  • Cooked products and hams

  • Cooked ham products and cooked salami (pepperoni/pizza topping)

  • Poultry products

  • Processed cheese


  • Ready to stuff

  • Dry stuffing, no soaking

  • Overstuffing ratio 6%-10%


  • Casings - on reels, shirred tubes, or cut pieces

  • FW 42.5mm up to FW 400MM

  • Flat film - for application on TSA or TSCA

  • Highly shrinkable or non-shrink (D-shape)

  • Clear or in standard colors

  • Various liquid smoke types


  • Always uniform smoke color and taste

  • No weight loss, no aroma loss

  • Longer shelf life

  • Excellent peelability, no jelly, no purge

  • No additional packaging necessary

  • No smoke house time, smoking without a smoke house

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